Community Updates - Feb 2023 | English

Community Updates - Feb 2023 | English


February ended with a number of exciting activities for the Solana Superteam community in Vietnam. Let's take a look at the community's remarkable numbers.

  • 1313: The number of Discord users climbed from 622 to 1313 in February alone.
  • 17 offline community meetings were held at Buildstation, as well as 3 AMAs with other web3 communities in Vietnam.
  • 610 students registered to attend Solana UniTour to learn about Blockchain
  • A lot of Grizzlython and HackerHouse HCMC communication initiatives appeared in major publications, KOLs, communities, and social media


In February, our members focused on preparing for the Grizzlython contest but 2 very strong grants stood out bringing the total GDP to $40,600.

  • Hackathon "road to Grizzlython" by #Nomad | Pando Infinity#4854
  • Workshop: Blockchain (Solana) on AWS by Codestar

In addition, in the last month, we also created 4 bounties for the community to make money and contribute to the ecosystem.

Build Station

Activities at Buildstatin are still held regularly every Saturday morning at the offices of Solana Superteam's partners in Vietnam.

Here is the highlight of the Buildstation of the week”

Weeks 1 - Feb 4 at DareNFT Office

with sharing by Jason CMO from DareNFT @hanjaycrypto


Week 2: February 11 at Solscan office

Mr. Long Vương @longvuong22 from Solscan shared the knowledge with our team.


Week 3: February 18 at Metatech office

Week 4: February 25th at JobHopin office with Magic Eden

Nhat Pham @Nhatogdag shared about the development trend of NFT for the Vietnamese community


Pitching Pizza

In addition, the community successfully hosted a Wednesday event Pitching Pizza in February when projects pitched their ideas to investors and mentors in order to acquire funding. This will be a regular community activity beginning in March. Don't miss the community events calendar updated here:


AMA with blockchain community

We also held 3 successful AMAs with other Blockchain and Web3 communities in Vietnam with such as


AMA with Binance Live with 33,176 member


PR and KOLs

Many official media channels, newspapers, and industry KOLs have shared about Solana Superteam's activities in Vietnam. Let's go through it together

  • Tôi đi code dạo (411,000 followers): Facebook
  • Vũ Nguyễn Coder (68,000 followers): Tiktok | Facebook | Instagram
  • Ông Dev (48,200 subscribers, 10,000 followers): Youtube | Facebook
  • Tân codes (8728 followers): Tiktok


Solana UniTour

Solana UniTour is an initiative of Superteam Vietnam to disseminate blockchain knowledge to young developers at IT universities across the country. This activity has shown the spread of Solana Superteam with impressive numbers such as: 610 registered and 488 workshop attendees, with a total of 6 workshops held in 3 big cities: Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh

Solana UniTour has landed at the following universities:


And is arriving to:

  • FPT University Quy Nhon
  • International University - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City
  • Polytechnic University Danang
  • VNUK Da Nang

After each workshop, students will participate in Solana's Hack the bear Challenger and these are impressive results.


Prepared Mini hackathon for Grizzlython

To best prepare for Grizzlython. Superteam Vietnam collaborated with Web3 Space to organize the Mini Hackathon: Road to Grizzlython.


🌟 Do you have an idea to start a business with Blockchain but have not found a quality mentor for your project? 🌟 Have you heard about Grizzlython - a Blockchain competition organized by Solana with a global scale with a prize of up to 5 million USD but don't know where to start to participate? “Road To Grizzlython” Hackathon will be the perfect stepping stone for you to the global arena!

Apply from February 21 to 11:59 March 1. Total prize $2000. Contestants can submit online and need to participate offline on Demo Day in Hanoi on March 4th.

📌The main prizes are from $ 200 - $ 1000, the first prize team will be funded to attend Solana Hacker House March 18-19 in HCM.

Detailed Information at: Web3 Space


Ready for Hackerhouse HCMC

Surely you are excited to prepare for Hackerhouse in HCMC with the opportunity to meet members from Solana Foundation and other big projects in the ecosystem.

Don't forget Superteam's comprehensive guides for first-time visitors to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which include an incredibly large list of delectable restaurants. HERE