Write a primer on TraFi (Vietnamese Context)
Write a primer on TraFi (Vietnamese Context)

Write a primer on TraFi (Vietnamese Context)

Problem Statement

Fact is: Vietnamese finance literacy is poor. Most articles talking about DeFi is for someone with some basic level of finance literacy. However, most people are not familiar with Finance thus DeFi become a get rich quick gamble rather than a possibility to get money work globally and efficiently.

Solution proposal

A course for beginner


Content must be in Vietnamese and everything should be in Vietnamese context.

Suggested topics:

  • What is Finance? What is their purpose? How it works?
  • What tools available to you in Traditional Finance? Basic guideline to deal with TraFi
  • What is TraFi's problems?
  • Brief introduction to DeFi & what are you missing out using TraFi only?


  • Most of your content should be in written format with some videos for promotion and intros
  • Let's include some tutorial sessions

Feel free to promote your own (or others) finance literacy channels. However, Superteam should have the final decisions on any link to outside sources to prevent fraud.


  • All content outline here is suggestion-only. Feel free to change it on your own.
Your Mission: Write a primer on TraFi (Vietnamese Context). Deadline: 12 Mar 2023


🥇 First Prize:

  • $500 USDC
  • Promote to Member Role in Superteam VN Discord.

🥈 Second Prize

  • $200 USDC
  • Promote to Member Role in Superteam VN Discord.

Submission Requirements

At a minimum submissions for prizes should include the following items:

  1. Project Description
    • The name and summary of the project.
    • Names/pseudonyms of team members and contact info (e.g., GitHub handle, email address, or other).
    • Your suggested content outline.
  2. Link to the publicly visible source code repository
    • Provide comprehensive README, incl. a clear description of the work and mention of how our tech is used in the Technologies Used section of README.
    • Include a link to the working demo or provide a testing guide
  3. Showcase
    • 2-3 minute video that presents the idea.
    • Participate in Superteam effort to promote the idea and project.
  4. Notes
    • Only submit what you have built specifically for this bounty.
    • Broken links may disqualify the project from the judging process.

Evaluative Criteria

Submissions will be rated with decimal numbers between 1 (worst) - 5 (best) per category (max score: 25). The final score is the average of all voting judges. If a project scores low, we reserve the right not to award prizes, even if it was the only project submitted to a given track. Our judges grade submissions across five equally-weighted categories:

  1. Design: Is it easy to use? Does the visual design delight you? If targeting developers, is the experience smooth and intuitive?
  2. Writing: Is the writing beautiful, short and concise?
  3. Creativity/Fun/Wow-Factor: Is it creative and put a smile on people’s faces?

Any winners will be notified after the event is over with specific instructions (including but not limited to filling out the necessary tax information) on how to claim their prize. Failure to provide the appropriate information within the timeframe specified in the winner notification message could mean delayed payment or claim rejection.

Participation in this bounty is entirely voluntary. Bounties are a way to learn and dabble in opportunities to build in web3. These are neither full time jobs nor project based engagement. Please be advised that the sponsors will not have time for individualized feedback due to the number of entries we receive.

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