How to score your project?

How to score your project?

Global Hackathon (Feb 2023) and Hacker House (Mar 2023) is going to happen soon and every team in Superteam community would love to get those prizes. Thus, it is important to score yourself before pushing your presentation to those judges.

I would like to introduce a referential scoring system for every project to do your own homework. Besides, this scoring system is fund raising friendly, answering those questions would be a good mental test before talking to a Venture Capital.

🐾 Choose a track

Position yourself in a certain track is not a only help Hackathon judges but also help you position your marketing message later on.

In the last summer camp (2022), there are 6 tracks:


It's time to build crypto on the go. Make your mobile-first web3 project using the Solana Mobile Stack.


Connect users to crypto. Build projects that help everyone pay for things in crypto.


Leave traditional finance behind. Design DEXs, lending platforms, and new decentralized applications to free consumers.


Decentralize the internet. Build the next generation of web products on crypto, from social media to TK.


Create the future of gaming. Shape blockchain-based games, NFTs, and more to allow players to directly interact with p2p markets.


Organize without bureaucracy. Create a decentralized autonomous organization to accomplish nearly anything without bloated leadership.

Before choosing your track, it is a good practise to join or form a Guild on that topic within the Superteam community. Go to 🖋 │guilds channel (Member only) to search or create your guild. You can ask Mentors in the community to lead the conversations, workshops and demo days so everyone can share an eagle eye view on the ecosystem to best position their product.

🎯 Score yourself (16 points)

1. How good is your problem statement? (3 points)

  • Is it a valid problem/pain with a clear group of {users, pain, stakeholders} ? (2)
  • Is this a new problem occurred due to technology or social change? (1)
If you are building a game, ask yourself how well will you entertain your audience

2. Problem solution-fit (3 points)

  • How well do you solution/product solve the stated problem? (2)
  • Is there any solution existed before, how you differentiate yourself? (1)

3. What is the potential of the product? (5 points)

  • What is the market size? (1)
  • What is the business model? (1)
  • What is go to market strategy? (1)
  • What is the impact it has on the whole ecosystem? (1)
  • What is your Tokenomics or NFT economics? (1)

4. How well do you implement the solution? (2 points)

  • What is your go to market status in term of Product and/or Business? (1)
  • What is your traction (user, volume, etc.)? (1)

5. Presentation Performance (2 point)

  • Does your pitch deck state your problem clearly and show your solution cohensively? (1)
  • How well do you perform on stage? (1)

6. Why Solana software architect and community make your solution stand out? (1 point, BONUS)

E.g: On-chain orderbook decentralized exchange that perform well is not possible until Serum (OpenBook) is built on Solana. This is the reason why Serum stand-out.

💪 Conclusion

Please do your homework then contact to one of our mentor team for support, we are more than happy to push you through all competitions and get some funding successfully. For questions please contact k2#0129 on Superteam Discord.

This article is written with the help of DarthCastelian#6753and Danny.