My Instagrant submission is accepted. What's next?

My Instagrant submission is accepted. What's next?

Congrats! Your grant submission is accepted. But, what's next?

Disclaimer: Instagrant process is constantly improved and updated. This post is updated on 3 JAN 2023. Hey, future people, contact Superteam admin for the lastest information.

  1. You start with an congrats email:

There are 3 links in the email: (1) Link to claim the grant and finish the final formalities (logging of milestones and completing KYC), (2) Link to Discord server of Superteam Vietnam, and (3) Link to join Superteam Vietnam as a Member.

  1. Finish the Grant Claim & KYC Why should I bother finish this form? This form help the Solana Foundation know who you are, what your grant is for (KPI, details), and the amount of money that has to be paid to you. Be aware that those information should be in ENGLISH.
  2. Finish the Member Onboarding
    • If you are not an official Member yet, please finish the Member application.
    • Why should I bother finish this form? Become an official member of Superteam bring you some member-only bounties, grants, opportunities, and access to the vast pool of talent from the global superteam community.
    • Expect an invitation to a Member onboarding call to get guidance on how to get the best out of superteam community.
  3. Post on the Superteam Vietnam Disocrd
    1. Please create a post in “🛠│proof-of-work". There are some house rule before posting:

    2. Image is required. Why? it make your post look better
    3. Tags are required. Why? soon this forum will be packed, tags make it easier for people to find your post.
    4. image
  4. Let everybody know about your grant! Please share with everyone about your good news either on Twitter, Facebook, Instagrant. Remember to mention SuperteamVN in your post or in your post.
  5. Update and use the community!
  6. Periodically update your work progress in your Post and share with the community! If you’re stuck you can also use the channels to ask for help, volunteers and contractors from the Superteam Vietnam community.

  7. Check your payment status in the payment pipeline Most of the time, you will receive your payment within 7 days. Please keep up with the process in this link: