Solana Superteam Vietnam Community Update: Dec 2022 (EN)

Solana Superteam Vietnam Community Update: Dec 2022 (EN)

Coding Camp 2 success | Goals for 2023 | Local GDP reached $14,500 | Instagrant winners | Mentor Introductions

About Solana Superteam Vietnam Community

Solana Superteam Vietnam is a community for people who are interested in developing their careers in Web3 as well as the Solana ecosystem. Our community is mainly on Discord and has official announcement channels on Telegram Twitter and Facebook.

Solana Superteam Community started in India and has expanded to Vietnam, Germany, and Turkey. We are currently having around 500 Supterteam official members all over the world and growing rapidly.


Solana Coding Camp 2 Success

In 2022, Solana Superteam Vietnam successfully organized Solana Coding Camp 2 for Vietnamese developers, completed in December. Let’s take a look at the impressive highlights of coding camp 2.

  • ~2,000 applications
  • 200 got accepted into the program
  • 65 project ideas submitted
  • 51 teams comprising of over 100 competitors competed at the Coding Camp Hackathon

Q1 2023 Objectives

Now that we’ve had a successful coding camp and have expanded our community, we have a few goals for Q1 of 2023.

Goal 1: Winning Global Hackathon in Q1

We want to help take the 51 teams that competed in the coding camp hackathon and continue nurturing them with mentors so they can compete in Solana's Global Hackathon where there are more than $5M in prize pools and access to the biggest VCs and companies in the world. New teams and projects are also welcomed and we will provide support both online and with our offline build stations in Ha Noi and HCMC.

Goal 2: Increasing community GDP

The goal is to give out as many meaningful grants as possible by helping the Vietnamese developer community contribute to a thriving Solana ecosystem. For more information or examples of grants, see examples below.

Solana Global Hackathon

Official information and update on the Global Hackathon will be updated on this site.

Here are a few important highlights for our members

  • Timeline: registration opens in February and competition is in March, but no definitive date yet
  • Prize pool: $USDC 5M
  • Prize track: Many tracks including Main, Payments, Gaming, DAOs, DeFi, Web3, Mobile, University, Excellence in Design, Climate Award
  • Sponsor: Solana Foundation and our previous sponsors includes Google, Microsoft, Stripe, Jump Visa, Samsung, Standard Charter
  • How to apply:
    • Join our Discord and send your project information to Solana Superteam Vietanam
    • Submit your email here and more information will be sent to you shortly
  • Deadline for submission: TBU

Right after the Global Hackathon, all submitted projects will be joining VC Demo Day on 25/03/2023 hosted by Solana Superteam Vietnam and our partners to meet and pitch ideas to most reputable VCs in our network. More information will be updated soon to our members on Discord.

Key metric

Let’s update our key metrics for community growth to date in December 2022.

Producer Growth

  • 530 community members on Solana Superteam Vietnam Discord
  • 52 Superteam members
  • 69 projected are continued to be supported by our core team


Our community GPD is $USDC 14,500 from 10 accepted grants. Our goal in 2023 is to grow GDP to $1M by grant and bounty program. See 10 accepted grants for Vietnam here.

Grants & Bounty

Since the grant and bounty program is our key focus this year to help everyone in our community to really learn and earn in the Solana ecosystem, let’s deep dive into how the program works and the best practices to apply for grant and bounty.

Instagrant (Solana Foundation Grant)

You can find all information about Instagrant program in the article below. The maximum amount for each grant is $USDC 10,000. You can apply grants for building tools, writing, expanding the community, etc.

We also have an article about how to apply for Instagrant better that you can find here. If you have any questions or need support or look for teammates to apply for grants together, let’s chat on channel #👯│find-collaborators on Discord.

In order to support you better, we will soon share with everyone a list of grant ideas that are accepted by the Solana Foundation including dev and non-dev ideas. If you’re still not sure whether your grant idea is suitable, let's direct message k2#0129 for support.

Step by step to apply for grants

  • Read Instagrant introduction and find ideas
  • Join discord and discuss ideas with k2#0129 if needed
  • Apply for grants and wait for the result in 48hours
  • Start your project and receive grant money


Bounty is another way for you to earn money from Solana Ecosystem. Find more information about bounty here.

We have a few new bounties that are updated

  • $3,000 Tool for Superteam to log grant & bounty proof-of-work on-chain
  • $500,000 Port Finance Bug Bounty

If you’re doing bounty about writing, make sure you join channel #🖋│writer-guild. Because we will support each other to win deep dive writing bounty there

Buildstation & Irl Meetup

Buildstation is the offline place for us to run Supermeet (workshop, meetup, demo day). Every member can join freely. Our Buildstation is placed at our partner’s office.

  • Ha Noi
    • Pando Office: Floor 7, Mac Plaza Building, 10 Tran Phu Street, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City
  • Ho Chi Minh
    • Jobhopin Office: Vinhomes Golden River, Villa 17 Riverview 6, 2 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Schedule for Supermeet event will be update in our Community Calendar.

We will have more Supermeet event coming soon after Buildstation is set up.


Weekly member onboarding call

We now have new member onboarding call weekly for community members that are upgraded to Superteam official members. Onboarding calls will be done weekly at 6PM GMT+7 on Thursdays. This call is for us to:

  • Introduce about Solana Superteam and how it works
  • Perks and benefits when you are an official member
  • Q&A about how to learn and earn in Solana Ecosystem

Mentor Introduction

To support projects to build better and compete in Global Hackathon in March, we invited 4 experts to become our mentors. Let’s welcome them

  1. @limon
  2. He had worked at Hectagon (Defi) for 6 months, skin in the game to make better judgments on how to do UX in this industry. Limon has more than 3 years of experience doing UX across industries (eCommerce, banking, outdoor services,...) also he leads the one and biggest UX mentorship program in Vietnam

  3. @hnh | Superteam Mentor Engineer lead @ ConsoleLabs - dev team size ~ 15 engineering Build multiple blockchain-related project from gamefi, defi, tooling, and infrastructure. He was one of the tech mentors in codecamp2.
  4. @tdannyd |
  5. He was advisor for multiple Gamefi/Defi projects: Sentre, Thetan Arena and is currently an advisor for Topebox Studio

  6. @DarthCastelian I was an angel investor and VC for the past 6 years and have seen thousands of pitch decks and projects. Before that I was a software engineer and product builder for 5 years. Having worked with both technical and non-technical people, I am confident that I can help Solana builders figure out their product-market fit and develop sound business plans and go-to-market strategies.

Discord Updates

We have cleaned up and reorganized our discord channel. Here are the current channels


📢│announcements: Important announcements about Buidstation, Suppermeet, Solana Hackathon, Solana Hackerhouse

💰│earn: Update new bounty and grant, announce bounty winner and grant success

👯│find-collaborators: Discuss grants, find ideas and teammates to apply for grants, Q&A about grant and bounty program

🛠│proof-of-work: Success grant will submit their proof of work here as well as bounty submitter

❓│questions: Ask questions and get answers from mentors

💬│random: general discussion

🏆│builders: Q&A on hackathon, hackerhouse, coding camp, partnership, and private discuss Open voice call: community call, supermeet discussion, mentoring session, online workshop MEMBER LEVEL

Community members who are upgraded to Superteam official members will get access to exclusive channels here

🚨│members-announcements: Announcement about grants and bounties that for official members only

👋│intros: member introduction and discussion. After you complete the member onboarding call, an automated introduction will be posted here by our bot

🖋│writer-guild: discussion for members who are doing content grants and deep dive bounty